AHPS Decode Startup Sports— A tonic for a healthy body
• A plethora of indoor games with professionalized training.
• Choice of outdoor sports under expert guidance and supervision.
• Trained and qualified coaches.

AHPS Decode StartupLibrary—Reading is food to the mind
• A wide range of carefully selected books.
• Latest and updated textbooks and other reading material.
• An ever increasing collection of e-learning material.

Public School Franchise Contemporary And Aesthetic Infrastructure
• CBSE standardized components of school to enhance learning.
• Classy exterior and ventilated learning space are a visual treat.
• Kempt surroundings augmenting the nature.
AHPS Decode Startup The Labs for Learning by Doing
• Language Lab for the budding readers and writers.
• IT Lab for the aspiring tech Wizards.
• Science Lab and Mathematics Lab for discovering the expertise.
Public School Franchise Transport with Surveillance for Safety
• Adherence to safety Norms laid down by CBSE.
• GPS enabled transport for easy tracking and surveillance.
• Responsible Bus staff with verified credentials.