School Level


  • AHPS students of classes III to X are eligible.


  • In order to conduct the Olympiads in a school - A minimum of 10 students per class need to participate in each Olympiad subject.

  • The Registration form is available online.

  • Schools must fill their Registration forms online completely and correctly.

  • School must note that the Registration process will start on 1st August, 2019.

  • The last date for the Registration process is 31st August, 2019.

  • No applications will be considered after the date stipulated by the Registered Office.

  • All the necessary information regarding the test pattern, process of registration, etc., is provided in this brochure.

  • All the participants will get Participation Certificate except the rank holders.

  • The merit certificates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd rank holders will be given only if the student(s) score above 60% (irrespective of their position at the School Level) .

  • Students who score above 50% will be eligible for the National Level (Level 2) Olympiads.
  • If a student scores below 50%, he/she will NOT be eligible for the National Level (Level 2) Olympiads and will only be given the Participation Certificate for the School Level (Level 1) Olympiads.


Note: OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) sheets will be provided by the Registered Office to the schools. The number of OMR sheets will be given to each school on the basis of the number of participants from the particular school. From this year, the question papers will be sent to each school by mail only. No hard copies of question papers will be sent by the Registered Office.

  • Each class will have its own set of test papers.

  • Each class will have one test paper for each of the 5 subjects (English, Maths, Science, Cyber and Life Skills) at each level.

  • All the questions will be Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's).

  • There will be 35 MCQ's for Classes III to V and 50 MCQ's for Classes VI to X.

  • The total duration to complete the test is 1 hour.

  • Students have to mark their answers on the OMR sheets provided.

  • Students must fill the columns and other details in the OMR sheets completely and correctly.

  • Detailed instructions regarding filling the columns in the OMR sheets will be provided on the OMR sheet.

  • Students will be disqualified if the OMR sheets are filled incompletely or incorrectly.

  • Rough sheets can be provided to the students by the schools, if required. Those rough sheets must be attached along with the OMR sheets.

  • Students should write their names on the rough sheets as well.

  • There will be No Negative Marking.

  • Sample question papers and OMR sheets will be made available to you online. You can visit this link for the same-

  • Result for School Level Olympiads for each subject and class will be declared by15th December, 2019.


  • The payment will be done through online transaction. The payment gateway will appear after saving and submitting the form completely.


  • The top three winners in each subject and class at the School Level (Level 1) Olympiads will be awarded in their schools.

  • The awards will be given as follows:—
    • 1.First Position — Merit Certificate + Gold Medal
    • 2.Second Position — Merit Certificate + Silver Medal
    • 3.Third Position — Merit Certificate + Bronze Medal

  • The participants need to score at least 60% of the total marks allotted to each subject in order to qualify for the medals and awards in the National Level (Level 2) Olympiads.

  • Students scoring less than 60% marks will not be considered as winners irrespective of their positions at School Level.

  • The minimum qualifying criteria for National Level (Level 2) in each Olympiads is at least 50% of the total marks allotted to each subject.

  • Other participants will be awarded Participation Certificates as an encouragement.

  • The certificates will be generated online on the basis of student details submitted during the registration process. Teacher incharge(s) must ensure submission of the correct spelling of the names of students. No changes will be made thereafter.

  • Each participating school will be given a web link, a login id and password by mail through which they can access the certificates for their winning students.

  • Medals and online certificates for the School Level winners will be sent to respective schools latest by 10th January, 2020.