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"The end product of education should be a free creative person, who can battle against historical circumstances and adversities of Nature."
-- Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Every child should have the opportunity to receive quality education to bridge the gap between different cultures.
- Mr. M.V. Kumar
(Director, Academics, Shiv Nadar School)

Education is more than the transfer of knowledge. It's the transmission of values & culture to our students.
- Ms. Shivani
(Director, Research Centre & Teacher Training, Itihaas)

Teaching is not a profession but a passion. Without the passion and zeal for teaching, people should not choose this as a profession.
- Mrs. Tara Chaddha
(Retired Lecturar, Delhi University)

Career alone must not be the goal of education. The main purpose of education should be to kindle the creative minds with positive thinking.
- Mr. H.C Batra
(Retired Director, SCERT)

Mr.Goverdhan Gupta

Ms. Rekha Sharma

Mr. Navin Gulia

Mr. Babar Ali

Mrs. Sharda Dixit

Mr. Shyamal Day

Renu Shrivastav

Madhu Ved

Parul Panchal

Lata Singh

Anita Wadehra

Pratibha Kohli

Mr. Ashok Kr. Jain

Mrs. Rajdeep Jain

Ms. Harleen Mohanty

Ms. Nidhi Sirohi

Dr. Surender Kr. Bhandoria

Mr. Suresh Singh

Mr. V.B. Pathak

Ms. Neha Buch

Ms. Nidhi Nijhawon

Mr. David

Mr. M.V. Kumar

Ms. Sarita Sharma

Mrs. Preeti Saxena

Ms. Vimny Singh

Prof. Meghanathan

Ms. Jonaki Ghosh

Ms. Smriti Sharma

Ms. Mukul Priyadarshi

Mr. K.K. Sharma

Mr. Shah ji

Mr. SK Sharma

Mr. Vinod Thakran

Ms. Smita

Mrs. Bhusan Bhatia

Ms. Shalini Harisukh

Dr. Sachchi Kant

Mr. R.K. Middha

M.r Pragi Lal

Ms. Indu Dhingra

Mr. Praveen Mehta

Mr. Anil


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