Best K 12 School in India

Professional Faculty


• To impart world-class education and maintain the highest possible standards in the field of learning, AHPS has a team of prominent academicians and researchers who create and design the curricula for the students. To stand out in the crowd, the R&D Department develops an all-encompassing content which aims for the holistic growth of the students.


• Backed by a team of scholars, principals, and professionals from the NCERT and SCERT, we are able to produce an incomparable educational content that follows the curriculum prescribed by the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and the National Curriculum Framework (NCF).


• By incorporating the spiritual, cultural, moral, mental and physical aspects of education, AHPS takes pride in claiming its students to be the true leaders of tomorrow.



  •  At AHPS, we select distinctive and unparalleled staff which is ready to take up everyday challenges to groom the Gen Y through the 21st century. Our teachers, coordinators, and managers work rigorously to ensure the overall development and progress of the students.

    • We look for mentors with pragmatic knowledge of the real world so that they can educate students from a real-world perspective and viewpoint and not just give them bookish knowledge.

    • Every AHPS teacher/mentor works with an innovative approach to help our students pursue their passions. Our faculty believes that every student is remarkable and has the potential to evolve into a dynamic person and fulfill his/her ambitions.





• At Academic Heights, we believe that regular interactions, meets and in-service training programs are very essential for the management to stay updated. In this direction, the Registered Office organizes Principals’ Meet and Directors’ Meet every year.

• The objective of these conclaves and trainings is to acquaint our Principals and Directors with the latest changes in pedagogy, curriculum, 21st-century school management, and leadership trends. As the name suggests, Samvaad is a platform which spurs discussions on crucial topics related to education. This event is organized on Teachers’ Day to appreciate the valuable efforts and contributions of our teachers, academicians, trainers, and educationists.

• Adding to this, EduTrain is a rotational training program for AHPS teachers to enhance and upgrade their skills. EduTrain for AHPS teachers is conducted at their schools regularly and also at the corporate level in Delhi.