Best K 12 School in India


Exchanging the traditions and customs of India!

AHPS KEO (Knowledge Exchange Opportunity) is a particular program designed to enrich students’ knowledge and understanding of the rich traditions, customs, culture, cuisines, economy and much more. AHPS KEO provides students with a forum to develop various individual skills as they propose themselves virtually using diverse tools of the country. Knowledge Exchange opportunity brings students together of different backgrounds.

AHPS Mega Competitions

A Competition that runs in the heart of every AHPSian!

Every child deserves a chance to test themselves against thousand of challengers. Mega Competition is a competition that accentuates children to grow in the field of Academics, Sports, Fine Arts, Cultural and much more. These programs are a way to provide holistic development and build an urge to develop oneself in a particular domain. The motive of this competition is to build solidarity among the students, helping them to aim towards their individual growth as well as teamwork, and providing a platform to build their dreams.


Test your Knowledge!

Academic Heights organises an intellectual and critical thinking-based competition based on the subjects like English, Mathematics, Science and Computer (Cyber). These Olympiads are in the form of online and offline competitions conducted every year between the students of AHPS. The purpose of this competition is to boost students’ critical behaviour, and competitive spirit and test their depth of knowledge on a particular subject.

Born To Win

Grandstand Extraordinary Talent!

To recognize and appreciate the talented students of the nation, Born to Win is a competition organised in the field of society, bravery, culture, sports or academics. The registered office will invite nominations for the award of extraordinary talents amongst the students in any domain from its AHPS across India. This is a recognition by the Registered Office at the National Level, of the unprecedented and outstanding excellence of AHPS students in any field.

Decode Startup

Decode your Strength! Entrepreneurship is the Future!

Decode Startup is an entrepreneurial program to motivate students to decode their skills and put them into a startup. At AHPS we embrace unique startup ideas and invite fresh ideas to put them into practice. The program is designed for classes 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. It is an engaging and active process that would give experiential learning to our students. Training and guidance are provided by Industry Experts and funding from the corporate office.


A Day with Teachers & for Teachers!

Samvaad is an initiative built to acknowledge the backbone of our society i.e Teachers. AHPS salutes our experts, educationists, and academicians for their continuous efforts in providing the best education to our students. These educationists grace the event on Teacher’s Day(September 5) every year and share their life stories and thoughts with the children.